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Food promotions Aryaduta Medan

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Aryaduta Medan

Food promotions Hotel in Medan

  • Disco Dance Party

    Disco Dance Party

    at The Kitchen, 9th Floor

    From: IDR 499,000 taxes included
  • Sparkling White Christmas

    Sparkling White Christmas

    The night before Christmas will be a joyous affair as you take advantage of a festive inspired buffet. Get ready to make this Christmas the most delicious one yet!

    From: IDR 220,000 taxes included
  • Oriental Buffet

    Oriental Buffet

    If you truly savour sizzling Chinese delicacies, make sure you have your chopstick ready!!

    From: IDR 188,000 taxes included
  • Western Galore

    Western Galore

    "Do you fancy a tasty buffet, let head yourself to an international buffet at Aryaduta Medan. The luxury ambience, tasty buffet, premium ingredients and excellent service quality will certainly delight your dining."

    From: IDR 188,000 taxes included
  • Hi-Tea


    Enjoy a leisurely afternoon with a sumptuous high tea buffet.

    From: IDR 90,000 taxes included
  • Fried Ongtemie with Seafood

    Fried Ongtemie with Seafood

    Ongtemie is kind of thin noodle which is usually made for special occasion, like birthday, capgomeh or Chinese New Year’s eve.

    From: IDR 69,000 taxes included
  • Signature Cocktail

    Signature Cocktail

    Celebrate in style with sophisticated cocktails.

    From: IDR 150,000 taxes included
  • Salted Egg Prawn with mango salsa

    Salted Egg Prawn with mango salsa

    This Salted Egg Prawn with Mango Salsa blows the roof off when it comes to flavor and it is also figure-friendly.  The key is the blend of salted egg that coat the prawn to give you a perfect flavor punch.  The fresh mango salsa hits all the flavor notes in your mouth.

    From: IDR 89,000 taxes included
  • Fried Gurame with Sweet & Sour Sauce

    Fried Gurame with Sweet & Sour Sauce

    Fish dishes that always served in almost every wedding party. Covered with flour and crispy fried then poured with sweet sour sauce, will always be a crowd's favorite.

    From: IDR 95,000 taxes included
  • Early Hotelier

    Early Hotelier

    To be successful in Hotel Management, you need more than just a good knowledge of the hotel industry. You need to develop excellent management, time management, interpersonal and research skills, and good interpersonal skills. Learn with us how to be a hotelier. Starts from 1st March, 2018.

    From: IDR 168,000 taxes included
  • Kids Cooking Class

    Kids Cooking Class

    If your child loves to eat and have fun, you want them enrolled in our kids cooking classes. More important than having fun, your child will begin to learn the difference between “real food” and “food like” products. We use all natural and healthy ingredients in every dish. Starts from 1st March, 2018.

    From: IDR 99,000 taxes included
  • Show your Student ID

    Show your Student ID

    Show your Student ID and received 50% off your purchase of A la Carte Menu at The Kitchen Restaurant.