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Food promotions Aryaduta Makassar

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Aryaduta Makassar

Food promotions Hotel in Makassar

  • BBQ Breakfasting Buffet

    BBQ Breakfasting Buffet

    Invite your family to enjoy the breakfasting with a wide selection of freshly grilled of sizzling hot off the barbecue grill menu with a complete and varied menu every day.

    *Valid from 16 May - 14 June 2018

    From: IDR 145,000 taxes included
  • Herritage Suki

    Herritage Suki

    Try and enjoy Suki that you will never taste it any where else, from tender meat and poultry, array of seafood, dumplings and balls enriched with vegetables and mushrooms to the very special own invented sauce (Garlic Sauce, Peanut Sauce and Sesame Seed Sauce).

    From: IDR 250,000 taxes included